A small teamthat makesa huge impact.

Wojtek Skalski

CEO & Owner

Hands-on growth expert with over 8 years of experience and 30+ completed projects.

Skilled at: Business Model Innovation, Growth Strategy, International Expansion, Competitive Intelligence, PPC, SEO.

Industry experience: Professional Services, E-commerce, Software, Creative, Influencers, Marketplace, B2B, B2C.

Notable projects: Brainly, Luxury Retreats, Business.com, Pomelody, OmniCalculator, Omnipack.

Anna Sztabkowska

Growth Manager

Experienced growth manager with exceptional creative and technical skills.

Skilled at: Wordpress, Landing Pages, Google Ads, FB Ads, Linkedin Ads, Automation with Zapier, Data Analysis, Pitch and Sales Decks.

Industry experience: Professional Services, SaaS, Software, B2B.

Notable projects: Omnipack, Tree Development Group, Virtualist, Printbox, Parkalot.

Michał Wilgosz

Growth Marketer

Growth marketer specialized in e-commerce and creative projects.

Skilled at: Wordpress, Woocommerce, FB Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation.

Industry experience: E-Commerce, Creative, Influencers, B2B, B2C.

Notable projects: Pomelody, Pigeon, AutomatSpec, UIG, Mama Lama.

Anna Bednarczyk

Junior Growth Marketer

Great problem solver and fast learner.

Skilled at: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Email Marketing, Marketing Software.

Industry experience: E-Commerce, Influencers, Events, B2B, B2C.

Notable projects: Pomelody, AutomatSpec.