A small teamthat makesa huge impact.

Meet our team members

Wojtek Skalski

CEO & Owner

Anna Sztabkowska

Growth Marketing Manager

Michał Wilgosz

Growth Marketer

Adrian Galak

Growth Marketer

Konrad Margalski

SEO Specialist

External Experts

Copywriting - Analytics - Mobile


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What's our secret sauce?

Learn how we can achieve such outstanding results without a large scale


Every member of our team is a T-shaped professional with a combination of business, analytical, technical and creative skills. All of them are also goal-oriented, open-minded and driven by strong inner motivation. We pay special attention to have great work relationships both inside our team and with our clients.


We leverage marketing technology and data analysis to boost our productivity. We automate tedious and repeatable tasks. Thanks to existing frameworks, tools and assets we can iterate extremely fast. If needed, we can also code our own scripts to deal with uncommon problems. Digital marketing world is rich with data - we use it to focus on the most promising opportunities.


We know a lot about digital marketing, but what is even more important - we never stop learning. We test new tactics and channels rapidly and, depending on the results, make a decision to iterate or try something different. If we fail, we fail quick and cheap, and learn from it to make a better move next time. We also follow the newest trends in marketing technology so that we are always up to date with our tactics.


Even though we are not obsessed by processes, we find some standard processes useful. We have well-defined project management and client communication standards that make sure that our clients have full transparency over our actions and their results. We also love to create and follow best practices in the areas that we often exploit - like landing pages or PPC campaigns.