Jakub Juszkiewicz

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

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Jakub has many years of experience in performance marketing. He has been involved in many unique projects and was responsible for different areas of marketing. He has implemented paid campaigns not only on Google and Facebook, but also on Reddit, Pinterest and TikTok. 

He is proficient in marketing automation and SEO tools. 

Jakub is able to take a holistic view of a project and determine which growth lever will play a role in its implementation.
Revenue for Jadelyn.pl from the Google Ads channel since the start of the campaign at a cost of 68K USD
Revenue for HPRegen.pl from the Google Ads channel at the cost of 25K USD (657% ROAS)
Increase in conversion value from Google Ads in comparison to the previous year for WszystkoDlaOgrodu.pl

Fields of

Google Ads

Jakub is a well experienced Google Ads system user and understands its technical aspects. He can create effective campaign structures for both small and large advertising accounts. In his work he uses tools that make work easier and faster e.g. Google Ads Scripts, Google Ads Editor.

Facebook Ads

Jakub has several years of experience in managing Facebook Ads campaigns in multiple markets. He took Facebook's certification exam (Meta) and confirmed his skills by earning the "Media Buying Professional" certification.

Web analytics

Jakub is fluent in analytical tools. Drawing on his experience, from unstructured data he selects those that become useful information. Thanks to this he can offer specific recommendations and implement optimization actions.

Multi-channel attribution

Using multi-channel attribution, Jakub helps clients to evaluate which channels influence conversions. He works to save the client time and money, leading to the generation of valuable leads.