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Anna Sztabkowska is a Growth Partner at Skalski Growth. Since 2017, she has managed over 13 results-oriented projects from multiple industries and areas, including B2B services, SaaS, real estate and more.
She is especially passionate about lead generation, marketing automation, and analytics - a combination that helped her deliver exceptional results in multiple projects. She worked with brands such as Omnipack, Dataedo, or Webcon.
Scaling international lead generation 3x for Omnipack YoY
Helping Dataedo increase revenue by 80% YoY and double the transaction value
Led 13+ projects that helped companies increase their revenues, conversion rate and traffic

Fields of

Lead Generation

Anna is extremely skilled in designing and building effective lead generation systems leveraging SEM, SEO, social ads, review sites and more.

Marketing Automation

From simple drip campaigns to complex sales sequences, exchanging data between CRM and marketing platforms, to automated reporting - Anna knows it all.

SEO Strategy

Anna helps brands develop their websites and content to drive quality traffic from search engines, build trust and convert users into customers.

Actionable Analytics

Anna develops user-friendly dashboards and automated marketing reports. She is also able to conduct thorough analysis to guide business decisions.

Growth projects
led by Anna

Omnipack kickstarts lead generation and enters new markets

Thanks to the effective lead generation, optimal martech stack and successful new markets entry, Omnipack can grow dynamically in the mid/large ecommerce segment across Europe.
„We were looking for a marketing partner, who would impact the growth of our company as a whole. Skalski Growth gave us exactly that".
Tomek Kasperski, CEO and Co-Founder at Omnipack

Dataedo doubles average transaction and grows 80% YoY

Iterative improvements to the user onboarding funnel, marketing automation, pricing and other aspects of business model enables doubling transaction value and 80% YoY growth in two consecutive years.
„They're agile and result-oriented, with a holistic view on growth. They feel like part of Dataedo and genuinely help us grow as it was their business".
Piotr Kononow, CEO and Founder at Dataedo

Parkalot grows 10x with their new business model and marketing

We helped Parkalot design and build up an effective business model. By the end of the project, they had 10x more weekly active users, 5x higher revenue per customer and 4x more customers.
„While gaining traction not generating profit was the main goal, by the project’s end, the results exceeded the cost by an order of magnitude".
Lukas Patecki, CEO & Founder at Parkalot