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  • Growth Leadership

    We're here to assist you on each stage of your company's growth, starting with strategy throughout its coordination and execution to finally achieving the results. By joining forces with you and your team we (re)shape your business model towards higher revenue and profitability. While taking full ownership of marketing we also support the development of your product, sales, technology, analytics and more.

    For many founders, we've become a trusted partner in growth. Countless projects across different industries and business types prove we simply know our craft.
  • Marketing Technology

    We expand your marketing infrastructure when operating - that includes websites, landing pages, content, marketing automation systems, CRMs, real-time dashboards, and many more. The marketing environment is ever-changing, but a good part of it will serve you for years to come.

    We help you pick the very best tools and connect them together so that they work in tune. On top of that, we develop a playbook - specifying how to use them to the greatest benefit.
  • Actionable Analytics

    Business analytics is there to visualize what is going on in your organization so you won't shoot in the dark. We implement measurements in each and every marketing operation (also in sales, product, and other key areas if needed). That allows us to precisely correlate actions or spendings with the effect we gained and use it in the decision-making process.

    When constantly analyzing your business, competition, and market we are able to recognize new opportunities and business ideas. Most importantly we transform data into the key asset of your company.
  • Performance Marketing

    Our marketing operations are result-oriented, agile and data-driven. We take professional care of your channels - PPC, SEO, Social, Email, WWW and more - covering everything from strategy to realization.

    We maximize the outcome from your marketing budget when providing measurability and transparency of actions. During our weekly sprints, we ensure that the entire team keeps a finger on the pulse and never stops improving the marketing engine.

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Omnipack kickstarts lead generation and enters new markets

Thanks to the effective lead generation, optimal martech stack and successful new markets entry, Omnipack can grow dynamically in the mid/large ecommerce segment across Europe.
"We were looking for a marketing partner, who would impact the growth of our company as a whole. Skalski Growth gave us exactly that."
Tomek Kasperski, CEO and Co-Founder at Omnipack

Dataedo doubles average transaction and grows 80% YoY

Iterative improvements to the user onboarding funnel, marketing automation, pricing and other aspects of business model enables doubling transaction value and 80% YoY growth in two consecutive years.
"They're agile and result-oriented, with a holistic view on growth. They feel like part of Dataedo and genuinely help us grow as it was their business."
Piotr Kononow, CEO and Founder at Dataedo
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