Omnipack kickstarts lead generation and enters new markets with Skalski Growth

Growth Manager: Anna Sztabkowska
Industry: Logistics, B2B
Timeframe: 2017-ongoing
Geography: Europe
Learn how Omnipack has been growing dynamically in the mid/large ecommerce segment thanks to the effective lead generation, martech stack tailored to their needs and successful new markets entry delivered by Skalski Growth.

Case study in a nutshell


  • Omnipack lacks a predictable lead generation


  • We kickstart Omnipack’s customer acquisition via SEM and other channels
  • We successfully adapt lead generation to the new markets (inc. UK & DE)
  • Landing pages and websites are being constantly improved
  • We develop Omnipack’s CRM, Marketing Automation, analytics


  • Omnipack grows rapidly across mid-large e-commerce segment in Europe

About Omnipack

Omnipack offers comprehensive eCommerce fulfillment. The company was founded in 2016, and currently serves over 100 medium to large online stores, including Daniel Wellington, Saint + Sofia and Wish. Omnipack operates in over 40 markets.

The Challenge

We started supporting Omnipack in April 2017 and it goes until today. The challenges that the company faced has been changing over time, however, the key ones were:

  • to build a lead generation engine that would ensure the expected number of qualified leads in the Polish market
  • to launch the lead generation engine in chosen European markets (Germany, Great Britain)
  • to professionally test various acquisition channels, including SEM, social media, mailings and display
  • to build and develop a website that is conversion and SEO optimized
  • to assist in the selection of the MarTech stack (CRM, marketing automation, analytics), as well as its configuration and maintenance.

At the time we met, Omnipack had working services, but they lacked marketing know-how. They were looking for a partner to take care of this area - someone to run campaigns, test new acquisition channels, maintain and develop martech infrastructure, and most importantly to look out for their business results.

Lead Generation

We tested several lead generation channels, including Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and mailing but the main focus was on Google Ads as the paid search results were the most satisfying in terms of scale, cost, and predictability.

We have carried out hundreds of campaign and landing page optimizations. We tested how directing the paid traffic to the website and landing pages would work (the last ones worked much better). The drawing of credible conclusions from A/B tests was slowed down by a relatively small number of conversions, despite this fact we successfully tested several versions of landing pages for PPC on the Polish market alone. We looked over the impact of various value propositions, location and type of contact form, visuals, social proofs and many other factors until the optimal configuration was found.

Conquering foreign markets

After building a stable lead generation engine on the Polish market, we were asked to prepare a plan for expansion to foreign markets. We proposed and tested several geographic directions such as Scandinavia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and even Hong Kong.

The lead generation engine that we transferred from Poland worked exceptionally well in Germany and the UK. Even though we relied on a solid marketing playbook, itt was necessary to locally adjust some keywords, ad content, and landing pages, as not all best practices worked one-to-one.

In the case of the German market, we've been running separate campaigns in English and German. The landing pages were also written in both languages, as the campaigns attracted slightly different audiences and complemented each other perfectly.

Since then Skalski Growth also helped us to start building our position in new markets, such as Germany, by transferring the most successful tactics from our home market and adjusting them to local requirements.

Tomek Kasperski, CEO and Co-Founder at Omnipack

The website and landing pages

We took over the Omnipack website. It started as a simple business card, which we quickly replaced with WordPress which at the time was more flexible. We have been developing the website for several years now, adding new sections, landing pages, case reports, and content. It took many optimization iterations to develop a proven website structure and a number of good practices. Based on that the new website was created - this time by an external web development agency.

Apart from the website, we built many landing pages using Unbounce. We directed most of our PPC traffic to them. Thanks to that, we were able to iterate quickly and flexibly fit the landings to ads and keywords. This practice continues until now.

CRM, marketing automation, analytics

Nowadays we manage a big chunk of Omnipack's marketing and technology stack. We helped them to migrate from their old CRM system to Hubspot, and a few years later to Pipedrive. It was on us to configure tools individually, transfer data safely, and introduce these tools to the team.

We implemented the marketing automation system and ensured the information consistency between it and CRM. In this case, we used Zapier, which carried out tens of thousands of tasks per month, synchronizing data between various marketing tools.

In case to meet the management board and the marketing director expectations we have also developed marketing reporting methods. It took a few iterations, but as a result, we got a very useful and largely automated system used on a daily basis by everyone involved in Omnipack marketing.

What's next?

Omnipack is our longest operating customer continuously since 2017. During this time, its team has grown from a dozen to over 100 employees, they have entered a couple of foreign markets and obtained several financing rounds for a total amount of over EUR 5,000,000. We still remain their partner for performance marketing, technology and marketing analytics.

Cooperation scope

Growth Leadership
Lead generation engine development, expansion to foreign markets, selection of traction channels.
Performance Marketing
PPC campaigns (Google, Facebook, Linkedin), CRO, A/B testing.
Actionable Analytics
Configuration of analytics, marketing reporting.
Managing marketing tech stack, helping to develop custom CRM and reporting tools.

The results