Wojtek Skalski

CEO and Chief Growth Manager

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Wojtek Skalski is a growth marketing expert. He designs and implements effective business models for startups and SMBs. In growth marketing since joining Brainly in 2013, where he was responsible, among other things, for leading the US market entry, M&A of a major competitor, and international expansion. 
He founded Skalski Growth, a boutique growth agency, which has worked with over 70 organisations, including Luxury Retreats (now Airbnb Luxe), Super Data Science, Pomelody, Omnipack, Dietific and MIT Enterprise Forum CEE.
Launching Brainly in the USA and growing it to the first 1 million visits a month
Pivoting Pomelody to e-commerce and growing it to the first $100,000 in monthly revenue
Supported over 71 brands in increasing their revenues, conversion rate and traffic

Fields of

Growth Strategy

Wojtek is passionate about crafting holistic growth strategies for startups and leading teams through uncertainty to rapid and sustainable growth.



Wojtek designed and redesigned business models of many companies, helping them find the right target group, messaging, channels, pricing or processes.


and SEM

Search is one of the most powerful acquisition channels nowadays. Wojtek has vast experience with paid and organic search campaigns for B2B and B2C.

Actionable Analytics

Collecting the right data is one thing. Another is turning it into insights and making better business decisions. Wojtek helps companies with both.

Growth projects
led by Wojtek

Brainly enters the US and reaches 1 million visits monthly

Successfully entering the US market was one of the conditions for Brainly to receive Series A round. The project led by Wojtek Skalski required combining SEO with new channels and product improvements.
„Always ready to deal with challenging business situations and solve problems on time. Lots of work and little talk – that’s Skalski’s trademark”.
Meric Balak, SVP Product at Brainly

Pomelody pivots to e-commerce and grows from 0 to $100k/mo

Implementation of a new strategy including pivot to e-commerce and monetisation of existing content and communities leads Pomelody to rapid growth from zero to 100,000 USD in monthly revenue.
„Thanks to Skalski Growth, our business has survived. They took us from zero income to $100,000 a month. They’re perfect for startups".
Adam Weber, CEO and Co-Founder at Pomelody

Omnipack kickstarts lead generation and enters new markets

Thanks to the effective lead generation, optimal martech stack and successful new markets entry, Omnipack can grow dynamically in the mid/large ecommerce segment across Europe.
„We were looking for a marketing partner, who would impact the growth of our company as a whole. Skalski Growth gave us exactly that".
Tomek Kasperski, CEO and Co-Founder at Omnipack

Dataedo doubles average transaction and grows 80% YoY

Iterative improvements to the user onboarding funnel, marketing automation, pricing and other aspects of business model enables doubling transaction value and 80% YoY growth in two consecutive years.
„They're agile and result-oriented, with a holistic view on growth. They feel like part of Dataedo and genuinely help us grow as it was their business".
Piotr Kononow, CEO and Founder at Dataedo