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How to drive more conversions from SEO

Many companies fall into the trap of believing that SEO equals blogging and that the more high-traffic keywords they chase, the better. But this approach usually draws in information seekers, not imminent buyers, which doesn't translate to business growth.

So, how can you make your SEO work 10x better for your business?

The solution is simple: flip the script.

Redirect your focus from informational keywords to transactional or commercial research intent keywords. Yes, this might result in a smaller audience, but this new crowd will have a much higher chance of converting into buyers.

But that's not all. To make the most of this strategy, you need to go beyond driving this high-converting traffic to blog posts. Whenever it makes sense, steer them toward your 'money pages'. These are the pages presenting your products or services, and where conversion can happen fast.

Now, the big question is: what kind of pages should you add to your website and optimize for attracting this business-oriented audience? Here are six types:

  1. Pages dedicated to individual product/service/feature. For instance, if you run a recruitment agency, target the keyword "recruitment agency".
  2. Pages including product/service/feature + geographical location. For example, "recruitment agency Chicago".
  3. Pages that target product/service/feature + a specific industry or segment. Such as "recruitment agency finance".
  4. Job-to-be-done pages. These pages can answer specific queries your audience might be looking to solve, like "how to pay an employee in Mexico".
  5. Comparative pages. Compare your offering with top competitors focusing on keywords like "{competitor name} + alternative".
  6. Top picks pages. Here, you can list and review yours and competitive products or services in order to target keywords like "best recruiting agencies".

In conclusion, to make your SEO strategy more effective, it's time to shift the focus from information seekers to imminent buyers. By flipping the script and focusing on transactional or commercial research intent keywords, you'll be paving a new path towards higher business growth from SEO.

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Wojtek Skalski