Wojtek Skalski
March 26, 2024

🚨 ALERT: Beware of Telegram scammers impersonating Skalski Growth

We've recently received concerning reports of scammers on Telegram impersonating Skalski Growth employees. They're falsely using our brand and website address to offer online jobs. These scams involve receiving messages from unknown numbers promising easy tasks for high daily earnings, often paid in cryptocurrencies. We want to make it clear: these practices have nothing to do with us, and we urge you to stay vigilant.

How to identify a Telegram scammer:

  1. They reach out via Telegram using fake names and unknown numbers
  2. They offer online freelance tasks like subscribing to YouTube channels or following Instagram accounts
  3. They promise high daily earnings, usually paid in cryptocurrencies via platforms like Wise wallet or Moonpay
  4. They may ask you to join a working group for more information
  5. Messages are often written in poor English

These individuals are not associated with Skalski Growth. We never recruit via Telegram or offer freelance jobs in this manner.

If you're contacted by someone claiming to be our recruiter:

  1. Be cautious and avoid sharing personal information
  2. Block the user immediately
  3. If in doubt, contact us directly at hello@skalskigrowth.com
  4. You can also report scams to Telegram at https://t.me/notoscam or via email at abuse@telegram.org

Stay safe and help us combat these scams by spreading awareness!