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Business Intelligence Services

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Tracking and A/B Testing

Web Analytics

We specify and implement web tracking systems including Google Analytics or Mixpanel to ensure detailed information about user behavior and content performance.

Lead Source Tracking

We configure tracking of source, channel and campaign for leads in order to be able to measure marketing effectiveness and optimise it over time.

A/B Testing

Whenever possible we set up A/B tests to compare the performance of multiple variants of copy, visuals or layouts. Then, we pick the best performer and scale it.

Business Reporting


We create live dashboards with key metrics to track our progress, promote data-driven approach and inspire new growth actions.

Sales-Marketing Reporting

On a weekly and monthly basis we prepare marketing and sales reports with the information about marketing effectiveness per channel / source / campaign, as well as sales funnel visualisation and conversion rates.

Ad-hoc Reporting

We are experienced in quick and detailed (thorough) ad-hoc analyses to investigate a specific business problems or opportunities.

Business Research

Competitive Research

Your competition can be a great source of growth ideas. We perform very detailed research of their online presence, traffic sources, paid and organic growth tactics, marketing messaging – to inform your own marketing actions.

Market Research

The best campaigns start with an in-depth customer research. We provide detailed info about your potential customers, their browsing behavior, favourite websites and more.

Contact Research

We develop high-quality contact databases for the purpose of email marketing, PR activities, paid and organic actions in social media or events participation.