Wojtek Skalski
June 19, 2023

20 myths about SEO

SEO is a powerful, scalable channel that most companies can benefit from, yet it's often misunderstood.

Here are 20 myths that I often hear, preventing founders from fully leveraging it or even trying SEO out.

  1. "SEO takes too long; I can't afford to wait 9 months to see any results."
  2. "SEO is only for B2C."
  3. "SEO content equals blog posts."
  4. "I want to write for people, not for search engines."
  5. "I must update content often, otherwise it won’t work."
  6. "Longer content is better, and I don't have time/money to write it."
  7. "It's all about keyword density."
  8. "Link building doesn't work."
  9. "Purchasing a ton of links for $20 will help."
  10. "Don't link out from your content, so you don’t lose ‘Google juice’"
  11. "Fixing ALL bugs from a technical audit will skyrocket our organic traffic."
  12. "I need the perfect domain name for successful SEO."
  13. "Once SEO is set up, it's done."
  14. "Let's create SEO pages but hide them on the site so that potential customers can’t see them (just sitemap)."
  15. "Keywords don't matter anymore"
  16. "SEO generates lots of traffic but doesn't convert."
  17. "You can't calculate the ROI of SEO."
  18. "Success metrics are positions on specific keywords, maybe impressions and clicks, but never conversions."
  19. "The algorithm is constantly changing; no one knows how to keep up."
  20. "SEO is dead (if nothing else, SGE will be the final nail in the coffin)!"

I could keep going, but these are a good start…