Wojtek Skalski
October 10, 2023

My Home Park: Helping Native Plants Business Thrive


My Home Park is a Cleveland startup that offers pre designed native plant gardens.  It was founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur David Levine and biologist Wyatt Shell, who specializes in wild bee ecology and behavior.

Planting native plants provides the highest environmental impact per dollar spent. A single 100-square-foot garden can support up to 2,000 pollinators daily, save 2,300 gallons of water annually, and offer 16 times greater soil stabilization, when compared to a lawn. My Home Park facilitates this process, making it easier than ever to not only beautify yards but also to support the environment.

Photo: Myhomepark.com


The company was looking for a way to attract users to their e-commerce shop in a sustainable and cost effective way. They needed reliable marketing strategies to drive sales and learnings about their customers' behavior. Since the business was being maintained on a bootstrap budget, it was essential to think sensibly about growth-oriented activities.


Our collaboration began in late September 2022 with a thorough growth audit that covered their website, past marketing efforts, and marketing automation system. We also researched the competitive landscape to analyze the digital channels and tactics used by competitors. 

Within two weeks, we launched Google and Meta Ads campaigns because they offer quick results and enabled us to capitalize on the final days of the season. In Google, we focused primarily on capturing existing demand via search and shopping ads, while on Meta we developed a longer funnel to increase awareness, make users familiar with brand and convert them. We also used remarketing.

Additionally, we set up comprehensive e-commerce analytics and marketing reporting to measure campaign effectiveness and inform future actions.

During the winter, our task was to delve further into the effectiveness of messages, identifying what was effective or ineffective, as well as determining the success of various communication channels. And, we used those insights to drive more sales in the Spring, where gardening is top of mind for the customer. 

As sales surged with the onset of the spring season, we honed in on optimizing PPC performance and enhanced our reports for better insights.

Image source: Myhomepark.com


The challenge was that we were starting with an e-store that had virtually no marketing history, right at the threshold of the low season. The success lay in the fact that we used the winter months to learn and experiment across paid channels, content, and user flow to maximize the potential of the high seasons. It worked to such an extent that, at one point in the spring, we had to slow down spending to ensure the team could keep up with order shipments and maintain top quality customer service. says Michal Wilgosz, Senior Growth Manager at Skalski Growth

"Our work with Skalski helped us set up a system to get the initial insights that we needed to understand what messaging and ads work to get the most conversions and revenue." - says Veena Katragadda, Growth Director at My Home Park.

Image source: Myhomepark.com


  • 120% Month-over-Month growth in sales during first spring season
  • Cost of acquiring new client reduced 4x in H1 2023
  • Scaled localised PPC marketing operations from 7 to 21 states