Marc Andreessen about Product-Market Fit

Collection of quotes and resources about Product-Market Fit by Marc Andreessen.

Who is Marc Andreessen?

Marc Lowell Andreessen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser; co-founder of Netscape; and co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Read more on Wikipedia.


What is Product-Market Fit

"Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market."

How to recognise that you lack PMF

"You can always feel when product/market fit isn't happening. The customers aren't quite getting value out of the product, word of mouth isn't spreading, usage isn't growing that fast, press reviews are kind of "blah", the sales cycle takes too long, and lots of deals never close."

How to recognise that you have PMF

"And you can always feel product/market fit when it's happening. The customers are buying the product just as fast as you can make it -- or usage is growing just as fast as you can add more servers. Money from customers is piling up in your company checking account.

Two stages of startup lifecycle: Before-PMF and After-PMF

"I believe that the life of any startup can be divided into two parts: before product/market fit (call this "BPMF") and after product/market fit ("APMF")." "When you are BPMF, focus obsessively on getting to product/market fit."

Importance of achieving Product-Market Fit

"The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit."

Market is more important than product and team

"In a great market -- a market with lots of real potential customers -- the market pulls product out of the startup." "Conversely, in a terrible market, you can have the best product in the world and an absolutely killer team, and it doesn't matter -- you're going to fail."

Startups fail mostly because of lack of market

"The #1 company-killer is lack of market".


A classic post about Product-Market Fit written by Marc Andreessen. Published 2007-06-25. Originally it was posted on his blog, All the quotes listed above come from this article.

Interview "Product vs Business" with Marc Andreessen for Business Insider, in which he mentions the concept of Product-Market Fit. Published: 2009-10-02.