What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a process of attracting potential customers (leads) to your product or service with the goal of turning them into paying customers.

For lead generation to be successful it’s essential to target the right people. The ones who are facing the problem you can solve and need solution ASAP, but at the same have budget and authority to make the purchase.  Leads are typically processed by the sales team. Some of the leads can be closed very fast, while others require long-term nurturing. Lead generation model is widely used in B2B, but can also apply to B2C – especially to high-value goods like cars or apartments.

The goal of lead generation project is to create a sustainable, ROI-positive stream of potential customers. Ideally, if each transaction leads to additional transaction, so that the inflow of leads is steadily growing. Our job is to find tactics, channels and tools to build such a lead generation machine for your business.

How can Lead Generation help your company?

The lead generation process is essential for your business – it draws people to your company, gets them to interact with you, spend money, get value and remember who you are. You need to think of it holistically – not only how you grab prospects’ attention but also how you engage them and nurture your relationships.

Here are some benefits of lead generation for your company:

  • new revenue streams
  • improved margins
  • predictable flow of new prospects
  • additional opportunities for sales
  • increased brand awareness
  • transparency and scalability

What are the results of Lead Generation?

Lead generation is completely transparent, as every lead, channel, landing page or piece of content can be measured and assessed – both individually and in regards to the greater funnel.

We use numerous metrics to measure success:

New Leads

New engagements or contact information captured via the contact form, web chat, call, email.


A number of leads qualified according to Marketing (MQL) or Sales (SQL) criteria.

Sales Opportunities

A number of sales meetings, calls or opportunities from generated leads.

Revenue from Leads

Total revenue and profits generated from leads generated.


Return on Investment and Return on Ads Spend to measure how much you gain from each dollar spent.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates at each step: from lead to qualified, from qualified to opportunity and a closed deal.

We do this because the lead generation process is one of constant refinement, improvement and optimization. Across every channel, we look to bring down costs, improve conversion rates and otherwise adapt the strategy to best target your customer base.

Lead Generation Channels

There’s more than one way to get noticed online. More importantly, there’s no reason why you should ever restrict yourself to just one channel. Our lead generation agency takes a full-spectrum approach, utilizing every relevant channel to its full potential.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Your business need to be findable in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. People turn out to them for information, solutions to their problems or competitive products. If you want to be seen in the right contexts, a thorough understanding of SEM practices is essential. There are two main areas here:


organic search

By mastering SEO, we can get your business into the top organic positions so, when people make a relevant search, your company will appear with the answer or solution. It requires a valuable content, accompanied by on-site and off-site optimizations. The great thing about SEO is that once you build your organic presence you will benefit from it over a longer period of time without additional spending. On the other side, it is a long-term game, so you cannot get results overnight. Also it is less manageable than PPC, where you can adjust settings or budget and see the impact immediately.


paid search

With Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns (like Google Ads) you can get immediate presence on specific keywords. You can show your ads to people who search for your product category or competitive solutions. In contrast to SEO, PPC gets you immediate results so you can learn very quickly about what works and what doesn’t. On the flip side, your presence depends almost entirely on your spending and bidding strategy. As soon as you stop spending money, your ads are gone.

Social Media

Today, there are a number of social media networks, each with their own particular audiences and use cases. From Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to newer platforms, such as Tik Tok, you should consider placing your product or service into at least some of these. Understanding how to target and utilize each channel effectively enables you to grab their attention and turn into leads.


As the social network where people go to relax and interact, with the right messaging, they’ll become aware of you. People share what they like - including your brand.


Visual and simple platform with high engagement. It allows you to connect with your customers and followers.


Twitter is a rapid-firing network with limited space for messaging. Through the right creative approach and interactions, extend your reach with regular activity.


This is the B2B network - address your segment by its respective needs, whether industry-based or personal to their role. Establish your brand as an expert in your niche.


If people have questions, this is where they often end up. Present your business as not just the answer, but a source of knowledge and a brand to follow.

Tik Tok

One of the newest social media networks, Tik Tok’s focus on short videos may seem limited - but it’s vast mobile-reach can’t be ignored. Especially if you target younger generation.

Social media is the place to share content, reach new users and maintain existing ones. It’s where people will learn about your brand, discover your products and follow your company. Done right, social media can be a real door-opener to qualified lead generation in both B2C and B2B.

Content Marketing

A great copy not only helps you sell and close deals. It also provides information or entertainment on topics relevant to both your business and your target audience. This makes you a likeable, trustworthy source for advice and insights. When people are ready (or convinced) to convert, they’ll already be engaging with your brand, making you their immediate choice. We’re experts in results-oriented content marketing.

Blogs & Articles

Blogs and articles can be published frequently and serve as top-funnel content, introducing leads and nurturing existing ones.

Research & Studies

Producing research is a great way to stand out in your industry, share knowledge and generate leads.

Landing Pages

Product or service pages with persuasive content and a clear call to action.

Done right, content can be used in conjunction with social media, email and SEO to help further spread awareness.

Content marketing is the art of researching topics, creating and preparing engaging content and then delivering it through various channels. This content can then lead users to other content or materials, exposing them more and more to your business.


People still use email – many check it multiple times per day. Like social media, this puts email as an important place to reach customers. The trick, however, is to ensure you don’t end up in the spam folder.

Email marketing requires finesse – relevant content, the right timing, email list hygiene, proper setup of the mailing box and many more. It can be used to strenghten your relationship with your contacts, distribute content, nurture leads but also to reach out to new segments through cold mailing.


Every action we do has a conversion rate – the number of people that saw the content vs the number of people that clicked through to the next step. This rate indicates how well everything is performing – both in terms of generation and in financial viability.

CRO is the constant ongoing process to improve this across the funnel. We make content more engaging, give ads higher click through rates and remove unnecessary expenditure wherever we can.

It can apply to anything, from social media and content to newsletters and website pages themselves. Everything can be refined.

Lead Generation in B2B and B2C

We’ve worked with countless companies to develop ongoing lead generation programs with excellent results in B2B and B2C industries.


Many B2C companies can leverage lead generation – car resellers, gyms, insurance agencies or real estate companies, to name just a few. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t always involve instant decision-making. Converting individuals on high-value offers or services requires an acute understanding of the target audience segment. As such, B2C marketing often needs to target audiences based on the demographic or region, but also rich behavioral data. It can utilize SEO, PPC, social media, email and more.


With Business to Business (B2B) products and services, the process can often be longer, but each conversion often has a high value. As such, the need to address businesses correctly – and specifically – is crucial.

Accounts Based Marketing (ABM) is often a must here. We’re not targeting businesses, we’re targeting individual people within that organization’s structure. We work closely with your internal teams to ensure that MQLs and SQLs align with the relevant decision-makers your company needs to win over.

What If You Do Both?

There are some products and services that can sold to both B2C and B2B markets. In this case, it’s worth having separate campaigns to make sure that each segment is targeted, messaged and handled in the most optimal way. What’s more, this approach also means we can correctly analyse the success of both B2C and B2B sales individually.

Choosing the best Lead Generation Agency

Now you know why lead generation is important, you need a partner you can trust. There are plenty of lead generation agencies out there, but not all of them offer the full range of services that your business might need.

Diverse Tactics

Some agencies only focus on specific strategies – we know that each company needs a unique approach. Because we offer a wider scope, we can provide the best results.

Proven Expertise

When you’re putting your marketing in another companies hands, you want to know they’ve earned their position. We’ve helped companies from all over the world, so our expertise have already been refined through previous successes.

A Trustworthy Partner

What defines trust? We believe it’s not just expertise, but also direct communication, bringing you into our thought process and explaining everything we do.

Results-Driven Process

A great partner focuses on what works and fixes what doesn’t. A results-driven methodology is essential for optimization – both in costs and conversions. That’s why we offer real-time data & KPI analytics.

Complete Transparency

The partnership between your business and your lead generation agency should have no secrets. We’re like an extension of your team. You have access to everything, are updated regularly and have the ability to call us at any time.

So, Who Are We?

Skalski Growth is a boutique lead generation agency with clients around the world. We don’t believe in repetitive, generic marketing. Instead, we focus on creating unique solutions for every partner, drawing on our range of expertise. Our diverse skillset covers everything from SEO and PPC to content and ABM.

Our Full List Of Marketing Services

Web Development

We design and develop websites, e-commerce stores and e-learning platforms, optimized for conversion, SEO and great user experience. We specialize in Wordpress, allowing us to create responsive, fast and beautiful websites in matter of weeks, not months.


We are experts in running high-performing campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Capterra and many other platforms. From strategy, through copywriting, creative design, conversion tracking to campaign configuration and optimization. We will make the best use of your media budget, whether it is $10 or $100,000 per day.

Email Marketing

We have vast experience with email marketing, including newsletters to subscribers, drip campaigns, automated cart abandoment campaigns and many more. We are also fluent in cold outreach through email and social media – especially in B2B.


Even though we love PPC and Email marketing – with their immediate results and short feedback loop – we recommend investing in SEO as soon as possible to build a long-term competitive edge. We cover technical audit and implementation, as well as content strategy and off-site SEO.

Reporting & Dashboards

We love data! With us, you can make sure that we measure everything that is important and ensure that key business metrics are always accessible and easy to read. First, we set up the proper tracking, then we create automated dashboards and reports to track the progress. We specialize in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and DataStudio.


Automation can save a lot of time and ensure personalised user experience. We build automated workflows with Zapier, configure and manage complex marketing automation software (like User.com or Active Campaign) and CRMs (e.g. Hubspot, Pipedrive, Base CRM). Every week we automate thousands of tasks for our clients.

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Our Focus


Armed with a complete understanding of your business, we identify and focus on the relevant channels & tactics.


We produce everything our campaigns need to succeed, from content itself to websites and additional graphics.


Our marketing is defined by its results. We provide real time reporting on all key metrics and KPIs - then we optimize!


We streamline results with automation. By removing manual tasks, we can apply greater resources to scaling up success.

We focus on providing long term partnerships. You’ll get to know everyone in our company as if they were part of your own- and we’re only ever a phonecall away!

So, want to get started on establishing and optimizing your lead generation pipeline? Better results and conversions await, so get in touch!

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