Dataedo doubles average transaction and grows 80% YoY

Growth Manager: Anna Sztabkowska
Industry: Database Mgmt., B2B SaaS
Timeframe: 11.2019 - ongoing
Geography: Global, US-first
Check out how iterative improvements to the user onboarding funnel, marketing automation, pricing and other aspects of the business model allowed Dataedo to double transaction value and achieve 80% YoY growth in two consecutive years.

Case study in a nutshell


  • Lack of resources and expertise to run successful marketing operations


  • We used Mailchimp to configure email automation of onboarding process integrated with Dataedo’s user base
  • We introduced an effective process for prioritizing and implementing new marketing ideas
  • We coordinated the activities of various teams (sales, support, IT) to move forward the key business initiatives


  • Together we managed to double the average transaction value, maintaining the growth rate at the level of 80% year-on-year.

About Dataedo

Dataedo is a company offering database documentation and data catalog software. Its purpose is to help large organizations understand and manage their growing data sets. Dataedo serves over 1,000 corporations, government institutions and NGOs from all over the world, mainly in the US market.

The Challenge

The Dataedo team had a very good product, competencies in sales, and an endless list of marketing ideas. All they lacked was a team that would help prioritize and implement them. In addition, they needed support in:

  • Defining the marketing and sales funnel
  • Configuring email marketing automation
  • Managing content marketing
  • Improving conversion on the new user path
  • Increasing retention and average transaction value

The Onboarding track

During the audit, we noticed a significant drop in trial to paid conversion. This resulted in an alarming drop in revenue from new clients. The reason turned out to be prosaic: a few months earlier, the company stopped emailing new users due to a lack of time in the Support team, which was managing it manually.

We have configured a sequence of automatic onboarding e-mails using Mailchimp integrated with the Dataedo user base. Within a few months, we noticed a 3-4x increase in conversion.

Supporting strategy and work coordination

After the crisis was averted, we completed marketing audit work, including traffic, conversion, market and competition analyses, generating a number of ideas for improvement. Plus the CEO had a head full of ideas, covering almost every aspect of the business model - from pricing to content marketing, partnerships, analytics, and sales processes.

We collected all these ideas and organized them using our proprietary methodology. We also introduced a process to easily collect new ideas and review them during our weekly meetings. Over time, we expanded our work mode to define quarterly marketing and sales OKRs and track their attainment.

We have organized many workshops on the most important topics from the business point of view, such as communication of value propositions, specifying the target group, pricing, sales processes and team building. They allowed us to discuss a given issue and work out a joint solution, which we could then implement and / or test on the market.

An important aspect of our work was to coordinate the activities of people from various teams (sales, support, IT) so that the key business initiatives would move forward.

We were very quickly able to treat them as part of Dataedo. They are agile and result oriented. They provide a holistic view on growth. They too, feel like part of Dataedo and genuinely help us grow as it was their business.

Piotr Kononow, CEO and Founder at Dataedo

Ongoing support

Our job was to take care of all marketing tools and processes - from the website, through e-mail marketing to SEO. We set up full sequences and one-time mailings to users and clients. We designed product, industry and technology landing pages. Together with an external graphics agency, we refreshed Dataedo's branding. We set up campaigns to obtain reviews on websites such as Gartner, as well as to collect feedback from users.

Our cooperation still continues. Within two years, together we managed to double the average transaction value, maintaining the growth rate at the level of 80% year-on-year.

Cooperation scope

Growth Leadership
Managing marketing ideas flow, coordinating efforts of multiple teams towards business goals with OKRs, strategy mentoring sessions.
Performance Marketing
SEO, software directories (e.g. Gartner), email marketing, conversion rate optimization, landing page development.
Actionable Analytics
Competitive analysis, marketing research, web analytics management, marketing reporting and data analysis.
Managing marketing tech stack, helping to develop custom CRM and reporting tools.

MarTech Stack

Some of the marketing and sales tools that we used in the project:

  • Mailchimp
  • Figma
  • Surfer SEO
  • Data Studio
  • Google Analytics
  • Livestorm
  • Crazy Egg
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Custom CRM

The results