Wojtek Skalski
June 23, 2023

Customer-centric approach: walking in your customer's shoes

Looking for growth ideas? Unsure why something isn't working? Gain insights by walking in your customer's shoes 👟

Walking in your customer's shoes will uncover significant improvement opportunities and identify immediate fixes for bugs. See how:

✅ If your users come from Google, try searching using the keywords they would, observe the search results they encounter, visit web pages (yours and competitors'), and take actions just as they would.

📲 Make sure to try this on both mobile and desktop, and, ideally, use at least two different browsers to gain a broader perspective.

📌 Examples of what you might discover:

  • The contact form is not functioning on mobile devices.
  • An intrusive chat widget obscures crucial buttons.
  • An important animation in your hero section is not loading on Safari.
  • Unlike your competitor who places key messaging and action buttons above the fold on mobile, your site doesn't currently do this.
  • Competitors might be attracting more clicks in search results because they use more engaging titles or rich snippets.

👟 Go customer-centric and make your user journey better, one step at a time!