Case Study

Parkalot:building early tractionfor a new B2B app

About client

Parkalot is a web-based solution for workplace parking management. Its core technology is a booking system combining on-demand spot reservation for employees with pre-defined company’s parking rules (e.g. fixed parking spots assignments, shifts, different user groups with various rights).

Parkalot doesn’t require any hardware or technical knowledge to be implemented in the company. Typically, it requires minutes to reflect all the parking rules existing in the organisation and be fully set up. For the end-users, it is easy to use and accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

Their challenges

Undefined business model

Lack of traction

Lack of growth / marketing expertise

Limited budget

Lukas founded Parkalot as a result of his own bad experience with workplace parking in one of the large corporations in Krakow, Poland. Working as software engineers, he and his colleagues were not allowed to use the company parking due to low seniority level – despite the fact that for most of the time, at least one third of the parking spots were empty.

Lukas coded Parkalot web app and launched the product in 2016. He’s managed to organically acquire his first paying corporate customers. For most of the time, he’d acted as a product manager, software engineer and customer support at Parkalot.

Lukas looked for someone to help him with defining the right business model for his product and gaining the initial traction to confirm the product-market fit. He had in-depth understanding of the parking management market and strong software development skills, but he lacked expertise when it comes to the strategy, growth and digital marketing. As a tiny, self-funded startup – he also had limited resources for marketing spending and agency fees.

"Lukas looked for someone to help him with defining the right business model for his product and gaining the initial traction to confirm the product-market fit."

What we did

Business Model Design

New Website & Product Messaging

User Onboarding & Webinars

PPC Campaigns

Email Marketing

Analytics & Automation

At first, we helped Parkalot with their business model by redefining its value proposition messaging, pricing model and customer relations. We were ready to start testing key hypotheses about this model.

To ensure the right online presence, we’ve decided to move the main website and landing page from to – to make it more accessible and intuitive for new users. We’ve completely redesigned the website to make it clearly communicate the product and increase conversion.

We’ve tested multiple acquisition channels – including paid search, display, paid social, email marketing, direct outreach. In each of the channels we’ve run at least few campaigns and iterations to verify their value. The most successful ones have become a part of the Parkalot’s marketing playbook – to the large extend being automated and standardised.

In order to improve user activation, we have introduced email drip campaigns for new users, organized webinars, co-designed an in-app onboarding process, as well as created guides and FAQ section.



more corporatecustomers


more weeklyactive users


more revenue per subscriber

Parkalot's weekly active users growth during our cooperation