Case Study

Omnipack:695% increasein monthly leads

About client

Omnipack offers logistics services for e-commerce companies, including storing, packaging, shipping and returns handling. Founded in 2016, it now has over 50 customers, among them Sugarfree, ESPRIT, Cardio Bunny and Liferia.

Omnipack is run by experienced professionals in the field of logistics. The company operates their own A-class warehouse – with shelf infrastructed adjusted to e-commerce needs – and an advanced warehouse management system (WMS). Thanks to this combination of know-how, infrastructure and technology they can guarantee top quality logistics services and short delivery time at affordable cost.

Their challenges

Problems with scaling their existing marketing tactics

Lack of in-house expertise

Previous agencies being not focused on performance

Omnipack used to attract their customers with a combination of word of mouth, search engine marketing and email marketing. At some point, they decided that they need to scale these activities and find new channels to grow.

They lacked digital marketing expertise and were not yet ready to hire a full-time marketer. They were looking for a business partner who would rigorously optimise their marketing channels and explore new opportunities, instead of just setting up a few standard campaigns and spending the budget.

"They were looking for a business partner who would rigorously optimise their marketing channels and explore new opportunities."

What we did

Growth Marketing Strategy

New Website & Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Paid Search & Social Ads

Email Marketing

Analytics & Automation



leads monthly


cost per lead


organic users monthly

"We were looking for something more than just a marketing agency. We needed a marketing partner, who would impact the growth of our company as a whole.

Skalski Growth gave us exactly that. They were able to use their full-stack expertise and take full responsibility for crafting marketing campaigns, fixing all technical issues and analyzing their efforts step-by-step.

We couldn’t be happier to have them on board!"

Tomasz KasperskiFounder & Managing Director at Omnipack