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Skalski Growth is a boutique growth marketing agency created by Wojtek Skalski, an experienced growth marketing manager with a proven track record of scaling up online businesses.

We offer full-service growth marketing management and advisory services oriented on improving your business metrics. We can work as an independent growth squad or assist your existing team.

We are extremely goal-oriented and data-driven. As a result of numerous marketing experiments, we help our customers develop unique digital strategies that actually work.


We specialise in growth marketing services for multiple types of companies

Established Companies

Established companies, typically self-funded, who grew their online or offline business organically and reached a certain performance level. Now they want to accelerate their sales, acquisition or engagement via online channels.

Venture-Backed Startups

Startups that have recently got funding from VC or prepare for the fundraising process. They are looking for help with preparation and executing of their aggressive growth plan.

Early Stage Startups

Founders and small founding teams who have just launched their project. They want to find the best channels and tactics to gain initial traction for their products.


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Things that distinguish us from other marketing agencies

Results First

The thing we care most about is driving our client’s business. We deliver continuous, well-documented progress in your leads, traffic or conversion on a weekly and monthly basis.

Scientific Approach

In business, there is no place for guesswork or non-validate assumptions. We develop marketing strategies for our clients through experimentation, data analysis and scaling what works.

Full-Stack Team

Digital marketing is a very complex field requiring creative, technical and analytical skills. We cover it all. Our team will manage all aspects of your growth marketing on both a strategic and operational level.

Long-Term Benefits

Besides a direct contribution to your business goals, we create long-lasting value for your company: a validated marketing playbook, analytics configuration, marketing assets and a knowledge boost.


Our growth process condensed in three steps


We learn about your company, market and competitors to generate a backlog of growth marketing opportunities.


We test the most promising ideas in weekly sprints. Every week, we prepare new assets, launch tests and measure their results.


The most successful opportunities become a part of your Marketing Playbook. We scale them and optimize over time.

Wojtek Skalski

Since 2014, I partner with founders and senior management to help them accelerate the growth of their companies. If you are looking for a trusted partner with a vast experience, exceptional skills and a can-do attitude – let’s get in touch!

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